A-Team Group has spent years perfecting the art of creating valuable content assets

A-Team Group has spent years perfecting the art of creating white papers that generate sales leads, hosting and moderating webinars with hundreds listening in, hosting events from large exhibitions to more intimate seminars, conducting email campaigns to build target databases, conducting client surveys and leveraging the results to create valuable content assets, creating website and microsite content, and much more.

We help clients – ranging from small independent vendors and software companies to multi-national organisations all seeking to target financial services with data and technology solutions – to grow their businesses with effective marketing strategies, content creation and lead generation. We work across digital, print and live platforms.

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create-contentCreate Content

The challenge companies often face when considering how to better market themselves is that they know they need content, but creating it can be a real headache. Busy executives with the domain expertise rarely have time or the editorial experience to write. Those team members who could write, often don’t have the depth of knowledge required to create credible content. Sometimes knowing what to write – coming upwith topics and angles for consistent content – can be a challenge.

A-Team Group leverages its deep financial technology domain expertise and its marketing and editorial know-how to generate content ideas, and create compelling content for its clients, ranging from white papers and surveys to blogs,webinars and events.

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To see examples of the content we’ve produced you can take a look at white papers, webinars and more on our fintech community websites www.regtechinsight.com, www.datamanagementinsight.com and www.tradingtechinsight.com

generate-sales-leadsGenerate Sales Leads

We know that for most marketers, and indeed company executives, the number one goal is to generate sales leads in order to drive growth for the business. But consistently generating sales leads that are high quality and acceptable to your sales team is challenging. How can you increase conversions on your website and other outreach methods? How can you boost inbound marketing leads? How do you build trust in your content and brand as a vendor when your target market are incredibly busy, inundated with messages, and don’t want to hear a sales pitch? And where can you go to source new leads?

A-Team Group works with clients in two ways: we can help with building a strategy to boost your own sales leads, and we can market co-branded content to our own considerable database of contacts across the financial technology enterprise to deliver fast lead generation results.

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aboutMarketing and Growth Strategy

All businesses seek revenue growth. This can be achieved by expanding your offering and reach within your existing client base, or achieving new customer sales. Direct selling will deliver results. But if you want to scale your business effectively, you need to support your sales efforts with marketing that generates results.

Marketing has changed with the digital revolution which means pure advertising and PR are no longer enough to reach and influence financial technology decision makers. Now, it’s all about providing answers for your target buyers about challenges they face, so that when they are searching for those answers, your company is consistently helping them through the content and resources you make available, which in turn raises awareness and builds trust in your brand.

Content marketing also enables you to nurture leads, which may all be at different stages of the purchasing lifecycle. Your sales call might not come at the right time. But if you’ve nurtured your leads effectively over time you’ll be at the forefront of their mind when they are ready. Or they will be able to find you through your content when they start actively searching.

There are many different ways to ‘do’ marketing. But at A-Team Group we always start with the problem you can solve for your target audience. This focus then allows us to create a plan for the messaging that will resonate with that audience. And we advice many companies on the best strategies, tools and methods for maximising the impact and your return on investment.

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