2015 State of Marketing in Financial Technology Report

Over the past six months we surveyed a number of senior-level marketing managers across a selection of vendors within the financial data and technology industry to gain an understanding of the main challenges they are facing and how they are tackling them to drive results.

Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • The top priorities for today’s Financial Technology marketer
  • Their most difficult challenges
  • How success in marketing is measured
  • What financial technology marketers think about content marketing
  • What types of content and volume are used to achieve results
  • Which single piece of content has had the highest impact
  • What are the most effective tools to use in marketing
  • How are marketing teams of today organised and who has the power?
  • How well integrated are marketing teams with sales teams?
  • Different budget levels and the future direction of marketing budgets
  • What Tools Marketers Use to Help Them Achieve Results

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