A-Team Group Case Study: Global financial data vendor

Challenge: Our client needed to work with an external partner to provide independent research and create high-quality content to support its own extensive marketing programmes.

Solution: A-Team Group conducted a series of in-depth surveys across our community of decision-makers and turned the findings into comprehensive topical white papers, which were supported with a marketing campaign to both our audience and the client’s audience for lead generation and prospect nurturing.

We also supported the client’s events by managing the content of a focused panel, recruiting speakers and moderating the session, as well as marketing their event to our audience to attract targeted delegates.

The content development leveraged our deep knowledge of current data management challenges, the regulatory environment, and our network of contacts across the data management industry.

This reach isn’t always possible by vendors – particularly beyond their existing client base – and the impartiality required to deliver the results without bias was also a key requirement.

We were also able to reach a wide audience through our own database of contacts to generate leads through our supporting marketing campaigns, involving direct email, social media, and marketing on our community websites to our readership.