Guide to Generating FinTech Sales Leads

The number one goal for most marketers in financial technology is to generate sales leads. Sales leads are also the most used metric to measure marketers’ success.

Behind the goal is the desire of company executives to sustainably grow revenues. Expanding within and retaining your existing client base is essential, but to grow beyond that base you need to generate sales leads for new interested prospects that fit your product’s ideal buyer persona.

Generating sales leads, however, can be challenging. Problems that you can face when trying to generate sales leads include:

  • Not knowing the right job titles (or buyer personas) you should be targeting, which means you might not target quite the right audience and could be missing opportunities
  • Not fully understanding their pain points, which can lead to messaging and content that is off the mark and won’t resonate
  • You haven’t built or maintained your own email distribution list
  • Having an ineffective website that doesn’t attract the right audience, or
  • You attract a good audience to your website but struggle to convert visitors to leads
  • You can’t get enough people interested in webinars or events you run
  • You generate leads but don’t have a solid process for nurturing and converting them into sales, resulting in significant missed opportunity

In this guide we explain the seven steps to generating sales leads in financial technology and maximising your results for business growth.